Fifteenth Week / GSoC 2013

This week, GSoC 2013 officially came to an end. Although I have not had much to do over the last week or two, it has been a memorable experience. Its been a few months since I have been associated with the phpMyAdmin team and I must say that this is one great team, always willing to help. It was my first experience with open source contribution, and GSoC’s motive was certainly achieved. I am now more keen than ever to contribute more to phpMyAdmin and to open source projects in general. I would like to thank my mentor Madhura Jayaratne and co-mentor Michal Čihař. They’ve been very supportive and helpful throughout my summer of code. I was selected under the Automated Testing project. My responsibility was to increase the unit tests converage and to set up Selenium tests for user-interface testing. Since we were two people working on the project, our areas of work were divided by our mentors in the beginning. I had covered my part of the UTs by the mid term evaluation period. Post mid term, I worked mostly on Selenium tests and also on setting up some tests for the refactored code during the summer of code. We still have some untested code but I believe we have UTs for crucial sections of our codebase. I also managed to write Selenium tests for a good number of scenarios including most of the basic functionality related to Tables, Views, Databases and Server.

I would love to keep contributing to phpMyAdmin in the future, as and when time permits. It has been a great summer. I got to learn a lot of new stuff and I hope I managed to make some valuable contribution to the phpMyAdmin project.

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