GSoC 2013

Hi, this is Ayush. This year, I have been selected in GSoC 2013 to work under phpMyAdmin. My project for the same is Automated Testing which involves creating unit tests for the existing codebase and increasing the code coverage. I will be posting weekly reports here and any other interesting stuff that I come across during my summer of code.

My mentors for the project are Madhura Jayaratne and Michal_Čihař. I will be working on Automated Testing along with another GSoCer, Adam Kang. So, we just split the phpMyAdmin codebase into two so that we can work independently.

I will be starting with the project today and I hope to have a great summer and make some contribution to phpMyAdmin which could prove to be significant and useful in some way.

Details about my project can be found here

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